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Tinctures Available!

I’m so excited to share this “shelfie” with you! You’ll see I’ve stocked my shelf with the new tinctures I have for purchase. Below you’ll find a list with the tinctures available and a description of the herbal actions for each. If you see a tincture or elixir here that you feel drawn to, please…

Forest Bathing

  Shinrin-yoku, as it’s known in Japan where it was adopted as a viable medical therapy in the 1980’s, has recently gained a lot of popularity in the West for good reason. It’s part of a movement in medicine called Nature Therapy and is defined as “a set of practices aimed at achieving ‘preventive medical…

Usnea species

  From Elsa Beskow’s “Woody, Hazel and Little Pip”   Usnea barbata is a lichen that tends to grow on tree branches, often of coniferous trees, but in some locations can be found on apple trees and other species. It has the appearance of a beard, with many fine rounded branches, hence the moniker barbata.…

Winter Wellness class!

Join Dr. Sarah Buck at Maine Coast Waldorf School in the cafe to learn about how to keep your family healthy this season. In this workshop you will learn: Health-maintaining habits to practice every day. How certain foods support the immune system. Simple hydrotherapy techniques to assist in respiratory illness, supporting a fever, and lowering…

Get Glowing Winter Skin!

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We live in a toxic world. It’s sad, frustrating, and overwhelming to think about. How could we have come so far from our origins as people who lived in tune with the land in such a relatively short period of time? The greatest accelerator of the damage to the Earth seems to be World War…


Meditation Challenge

 If someone had told me that just 1 minute of meditation a day would…wait! I’ve heard of the myriad benefits. But have I tried it? Well, yes and no. I’ve meditated when commanded to do so in a yoga class, or during a retreat. But on my own I was prone to fussing about the…


Maine Association of Naturopathic Doctors

I am a proud member of Maine’s association for naturopathic doctors or MAND. We are a group that meets quarterly to share clinical insights, organize educational events, promote naturopathic medicine to the public, and ensure access to our medicine for all through pursuing legislative initiatives in Maine. The MAND puts out a quarterly newsletter that…

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Maintaining Blood Sugar Balance for the Holidays

Maintaining Blood Sugar Balance During the Holidays Original article appeared in ELM Maine Magazine’s November/December 2018 issue.   LINK: Maintaining Blood Sugar Balance During the Holidays

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The Perfect Poop

As a naturopathic doctor I ask everyone about their bowel movements (poop!) I’m not afraid of talking about it at the dinner table even, much to the chagrin of some dinner guests. Something that I have found though is that no one is ever really put out by my inquiry into their poop. They may…

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