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Tinctures Available!

I’m so excited to share this “shelfie” with you!

You’ll see I’ve stocked my shelf with the new tinctures I have for purchase. Below you’ll find a list with the tinctures available and a description of the herbal actions for each. If you see a tincture or elixir here that you feel drawn to, please contact the office at 207.200.6597.

These tinctures come from two wonderful companies and I am offering them at a discount to my patients!

Heron Botanicals: All tinctures are $12.60 / oz

On the Hunt: An immune system booster with antiviral herbs, immunomodulating herbs, lymphatic decongestants, and anti-inflammatories.

Water, alcohol, vegetable glycerin, European Elder fruit, Echinacea angustifolia root, St. John’s Wort aerial parts in flower, Isatis root, Wild Indigo root, Poke root, Violet aerial parts in flower, Gray’s Lovage root, Lomatium root, Ocotillo bark, citric acid

Kiss Again: An antiviral preparation with similar properties to the “On the Hunt” without the Lomatium root, which can cause a rash in some.

Water, alcohol, vegetable glycerin, Chinese Licorice root, St. John’s Wort aerial parts in flower, Lemon Balm aerial parts, Heal All aerial parts in flower, Usnea thallus, Gray’s Lovage root, Oregon Grape root & fruit, Isatis root, Echinacea angustifolia root, Poke root, citric acid

Avena’s Tonic: A combination of calming herbs that support sleep and rest, while uplifting the mood.

Water, alcohol, vegetable glycerin, Oat seed (milk stage), Skullcap aerial parts in flower, St. John’s Wort aerial parts in flower, Motherwort aerial parts in flower, Passionflower aerial parts in flower, Blue Vervain aerial parts in flower, Ginkgo leaf, Chamomile flower, citric acid

Bark is Worse than the Bite: A blend for drying productive coughs with a lot of mucus, and calming inflammation in the airways.

Water, alcohol, vegetable glycerin, Yerba Santa leaf & branch tips, Lungwort Lichen thallus, Khella fruit, Anise fruit, Horehound aerial parts in flower, Black Cherry bark, Lobelia aerial parts in flower & fruit, Ginger rhizome, Chinese Licorice root, citric acid

Avena Botanicals: prices as listed below herbal descriptions

Holy Basil: A powerful and gentle herb considered to be “The Queen of Herbs” in Ayurvedic medicine. An adaptogen that can help ease the physiological effects of stress on the body, be it from mental or physical stressors. Said to promote wellbeing if consumed regularly. A rare finding in the peer-reviewed world, a paper singing the praises of this herb can be found here:


Rose Petal Elixir: Avena’s elixir is made from hand-harvested roses in their garden during the rose’s peak blooming season. Rose has both physical and spiritual benefits for the heart. Physically it is astringent and tonic to the vascular system. Spiritually it allows the heart to be tender while protecting the heart with its thorns.


Skullcap: Harvested fresh at Avena and put directing into tincture, ensuring all of the phytochemical constituents enter the medicine instead of being weakened in the drying process. This herb is used as a nervine to support an exhausted nervous system and promote better sleep patterns. In herbal medicine it is considered a trophorestorative, an herb that helps to nourish a particular organ system, in this case, the nervous system! It can also be used for muscular tension.


Motherwort: An herb that is used to tonify both the nervous system and the heart, its latin name is Leonurus cardiaca. As the name suggests it is used often in women’s health. Motherwort is used to for reproductive issues brought on by anxiety and nervousness. It can also be used to ease heart palpitations and spiritually is used for grief and anger that affects the heart.


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