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Initial Visit

90 minutes. $230

Dr. Buck will work with the patient to identify their health goals and discover where they need support. Patients will leave feeling that they have been given the space to tell a story that perhaps no one has heard completely yet. Often lab work is ordered at this visit. Preliminary treatment plans may be given at this time, but the first follow up is when the magic happens.

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Follow-up Visits

45-60 mins. $175

This appointment typically occurs 2-4 weeks after the initial. All lab work is complete by this time and ready to be incorporated into the treatment plan. Dr. Buck puts the Naturopathic Therapeutic Order to use and creates a unique treatment plan to be discussed with the patient. The aim of all appointments is to co-create health! This visit allows for discussion and fine-tuning of plans.

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Phone Appointments

30 mins. $85

Dr. Buck is available to established patients by phone for questions and clarifications and simple lab review. If questions are outside of the realm of a phone call (development of a treatment protocol, changes in protocol, or new/previously unaddressed symptoms) an office visit follow-up should be scheduled instead.

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Lab testing is available through Dr. Buck. She offers both insurance billing and patient direct pay options through Quest Labs. The patient direct labs ensure that the patient knows what they will be paying before they have their blood drawn.

Other specialty labs include: 

Boston Heart 

Diagnostic Solutions stool testing (GI Map)

DUTCH for sex hormones and cortisol as well as organic acids.

Alletess food allergy testing.

Vibrant America

Dr. Buck partners with Lacasse Phlebotomy Services to offer blood draws in-office every other Wednesday morning from 8-10am. Blood draw appointments can be made  directly with Lacasse Phlebotomy by calling (207)492.3005.

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Lifestyle Programs

Dr. Buck offers health-maintenance lifestyle visits for people who are looking to enhance their long-term wellness. Examples are: Spring Cleaning Detox, Boosting Winter Immunity, Healthy Inflammation. 

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Personalized medicine

Dr. Buck tailors each treatment protocol to the individual patient. From a toolkit of: botanical medicine (teas, tinctures, powdered herbs), diet and nutritional counseling, nutritional supplements, homeopathic preparations, naturopathic hydrotherapy treatments, Dr. Buck choses the combination that is right for who is sitting in front of her.

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Patients enjoy access to Dr. Buck's online dispensaries, Wellevate, Fullscript, and Wholescripts for ordering their specifically recommended nutritional and herbal supplements. These supplements are often discounted up to 15% from conventional retail suppliers. The quality is professional grade and 3rd party tested. Dr. Buck is also expanding her in-office herbal tincture supply through Heron Botanicals and  Avena Botanicals, who provide a source of local, high-quality, biodynamic herbal preparations.  

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